Save the Phil!


to return The "philharmonic Center for the arts" to naples


A committee of concerned private Naples citizens has come together to respectfully request that the Board of Directors re-consider and reverse their decision to re-name the Phil.  This effort to acquire 10,000 signatures emanated from the avalanche of letters to the editor and around-town debate over the merits of the abrupt name change of one of our community's premier non-profit organizations. 

The gathering of petitions is meant to give voice to the multitude of people that share the same opinion but may not wish to write a letter directly to the Board or letters to the editor of the newspaper.  Please realize that this is a common-sense effort and is not driven by any perceived personal agenda.  The committee's intent is to proceed with utmost courtesy and civility and wishes continued success for all of those that give of their time, talent, and treasure to the Phil. 


A great many people in our community recognize that the name of the “Philharmonic Center for the Arts”, is an all-inclusive expression for the support of the arts in all forms and from all sources, which has been branded and become affectionately known locally, nationally and internationally as the "Phil" over the past twenty-five years.  There is much concern and debate to the recent announcement that the Phil is changing its name to “Artis-Naples” and, as a result, creating a new, unknown and unrecognizable image for no apparent good reason.



Letters to the Editor

We are not allowed to re-print or re-post letters that have been published in local newspapers.

Please email or send us your thoughts or letters so we are able to post and aggregate for submission to the Board of Directors.


USMAIL: PO Box 1546, Naples, FL 34106

NOW! 13,000 signatures ACHIEVED!!!!!!
Board of Directors, do you hear your community?


Please help register our community's support to retain the widely recognized and respected name of the Philharmonic Center for the Arts also known affectionately as
the "Phil" 

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